Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Playlist

I'll Be Seeing You  by:  Billie Holiday
Who Loves the Sun   by: The Velvet Underground
First Day Of My Life    by: Bright Eyes
Coming Up Roses   by: Elliott Smith
Teen Age Thugs    by: Sonny and the Sunsets

Sunday, September 25, 2011


i was just kind of thinking...
that I'm thirsty
that i need to study for my biology unit test
that i need to do my laundry
that i need to walk my dogs
that i need to call my friend and tell her i found her cat
that i need to clean my bathroom
......but I can't.  because i can't do anything except listen to this song:
Too Young to Burn  By: Sonny and the Sunsets

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is what I listened to while I carved a mango into a tree.......

1. It's a Hit -Rilo Kiley
2. I Fought in a War -Belle & Sabastian
3. Debra -Beck
4. Too Young to Burn -Sonny & the Sunsets
5. Fool to Cry -The Rolling Stones
6. Break it Up -Patti Smith
7. He was My Brother -Simon & Garfunkel
8. Footloose -Kenny Loggins
9. Rebel Yell -Billy Idol
10. You Got It -Jacuzzi Boys
11. Automatic Love -Minipop
12. I Get Nervous -Lower Dens
13. Wide Eyes -Local Natives
14. Teenage Girls -Bad Sports
15. Tuff Bananas -Refrigerator Gator
16. When Emily Cries -Television Personalities

Friday, July 29, 2011

Experiencing Home through the eyes of a Tourist

Sometimes it's good to just take a step back, and go exploring in your own hometown. For me, it just happens to be the wonderful Indianapolis. The thing I love most about this city is the diversity, and how the city has just about everything. You can walk on one street and pass by five galleries, and then turn the corner and go by Night Clubs, and then walk by Theatres, and then end up in a park, surrounded by museums. My usual spot is Mass. Ave, and I haven't really explored beyond that, but, a couple of days ago, I turned a corner and ended up someplace special. And there it was, The Earth House Collective, cafe/ministry/community center, 237 N. East Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46204. It's a wonderful place to hang out, and grab a bite to eat. Then, there's Vibes music, 1051 E. 54th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46220. Those are just two of the new places I've found, and fallen in love with. So, if you live here, in Indianapolis, become a tourist in your own city. And, if you're ever in need of a vacation, come here, because, this really is a great city, and you need to come and experience it for yourself.

Saturday, July 16, 2011



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playlist For My Funeral:

1. A Song To Pass The Time by: Bright Eyes
2. Mushaboom by: Feist
3. Flightless Bird, American Mouth by: Iron & Wine
4. Here Comes Your Man by: Meaghan Smith
5. She's Got You High by: Mumm-Ra
6. December by: Norah Jones
7. Us by: Regina Spektor
8. Let Me Sign by: Robert Pattinson
9. Leaves In The River by: Sea Wolf
10. The Rose Captain by: Sea Wolf
11. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by: The Smiths
12. We're Going To Be Friends by: The White Stripes
13. Vagabond by: Wolfmother
14. Coffee and Cigarettes by: Augustana
15. The Youth by: MGMT
16. Miss Misery by: Elliott Smith
17. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker by: The Ramones
18. Dancing With Myself by: Billy Idol
19. Pa Pa Power by: Dead Man's Bones
20. These Burgers by: The Moldy Peaches
21. Who's Got the Crack? by: The Moldy Peaches
22. Dance With Me by: Adam Green

Don't ask, just Listen.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Playlist:

1. Black Leaf Falls -Sea Wolf
2. Coffee and Cigarettes -Augustana
3. Bad Kids -Black Lips
4. Crystalized -XX
5. Barbra Streisand -Duck Sauce
6. Liar -Mumford and Sons
7. My Dream Girl Don't Exist -Neutral Milk Hotel
8. Skinny Love -Bon Iver
9. God Only Knows -The Beach Boys
10.Sixteen Military Wives -The Decemberists

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My complete fail......

I'm temping as a secretary for a fabric store,for just a couple hours, but still. So, here is one conversation on the phone gone completely bumpy:

Me: "________ upholstery, Abby speaking."
Them: "Can I speak to _______?"
me: "he isn't here right now, but can i take a message?"
Them: "yeah, can you tell him that _____ from _______ wants to talk to him."
Me: "sure." (awkward 10 seconds of silence).
Them: "don't you want my number....?"
Me: "yeah, that'd be good..."
Them: (mockingly muffled 'ugh') ____-______
me: "okay."
Them: "and what was your name?" (what's he going to do, have me fired from my volunteer job?)
Me: "Abby."
Them: "alright, just have ____ call me."
me: "alright, bye."
Them: "..." (hung up)
Alright, so not that bumpy, but still pretty much a fail. :)

I'm on vacation from vacation....

Well, school is out for summer vacation, and I'm off on vacation from vacation, sitting on the beaches of wonderful Florida. Typically I'm not a Gulf of Mexico girl, usually I'm West Coast all the way, but hey, a beach is a beach. I'm staying with my Uncle Jeff (nickname Jeffey) for a week, and then with my Aunt Julie.

My iPod is dead, and I'm dying of music withdrawal. It's almost as bad as the time my brother and I drove 7 hours straight while my Dad was sleeping in the backseat, and my brother played continual country music, and I became pretty much physically ill from such bad music (or it was the McDonalds and Mountainous terrain). I probably deserved the endless country music because when I was eight, and we were driving to Georgia, I threw-up on his XBOX (maybe my aim was on purpose, maybe not).

What was I talking about? Well, anyways, now I'm relying on my Walkman from 2003. Luckily I brought some good CDs: The Cure, Bright Eyes, Be Your Own Pet, Giant Drag, and the Beastie Boys. Hopefully I will survive... Maybe I will have to make a stop to Target, or wherever they sell CDs down here. Usually I boycott big store chains (except you, Urban Outfitters) just because I like to support all the small stores, and I hate corporate America, but, seeing as they don't have many stores except giant chains where everything is made in China or Indonesia, I'll endure. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday playlist iii.

1. Twilight -Elliott Smith
2. An Awful Lot of Running -Chameleon Circuit
3. Dance With Me -Adam Green
4. Loose Lips -Kimya Dawson
5. Lucky Number Nine -The Moldy Peaches
6. This Place Is A Prison -The Postal Service
7. Boy Boy -Lissy Trullie
8. Vampire -Antsy Pants
9. Two-Headed Boy -Neutral Milk Hotel
10. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker -The Ramones

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's summer!

Yea!!!!!!!! School is finally out! ...And I am already bored. I need to get a job, but no one is hiring. So I've been in the library this entire week trying not to lose all my brain cells. Sleeping in has been cool, but then I wake up and only have half of the day to do things.

In other news, I'm going to Florida for like a month!!! So, yea. My life is pretty uneventful right now, so I'll just stop this sorry post before you die of boredom. Hope you are having a better summer than me.

Ps. If you are in need of a music fix, try out these bands:
The Who
Iron & Wine
The Moldy Peaches

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My big splurge of the season.....

I have been saving up money for a trip to Half Price Books, which is one of my favorite places on earth!!!!! I bought 4 books, and 14 vinyl albums. This totaled up to be 90 bucks!!!! I've never spent that much money at one time (that's a lie). It was so extraordinary, my hands shook as I digged through my pockets looking for my wad of cash. So I fork the money over in one large ball of cash. That was yesterday, and already I have read one of the books, and listened to 5 of the records. So yeah, I'm spending money in a recession!

Ps- if you're looking for a good book, get Go Ask Alice by: anonymous. I finished it today, and now it's my favorite book.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's funny....

It's funny how life can surprise you in so many ways. Yesterday backstage, the last night of my play, I'm sitting down, getting ready to go on for one of my scenes when "that guy from the last two posts" and I start heavily flirting, and he's like a foot taller than me, and we're about to kiss for the first time when I turn around, get a chair, get up on it, and kiss him. It was my first kiss ever, and it felt weird and strange and wonderful and nice all at the same time. It's something wonderful, and unexplainable. We kissed a total of four separate times, and I had no idea what to do, but with practice, maybe I'd know what to do:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's over

Well, you know that guy in the last post... The one that was my boyfriend? Well, he is my boyfriend no longer. After two weeks, we cracked...or he cracked. He broke up with me, and I could NOT stop blushing for the entire rest of the day. But it was a mutual decision... Summers coming, and I will be on vacation, and we just will never see each other. Plus I have other men in mind...:) but unfortunately there was no first, I really do sound like the stereotypical teenage girl...:)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My life part 2:

I know that I usually don't talk about myself...but sometimes you just have to. This month has been so weird...good and bad...mostly bad last week...mostly good this week. So by this time you are wondering why it was good and why it was bad, you are like "stop stalling and just say it already!" Well, I'm getting to it. So at the end of the semester all of my teachers are cracking down and trying to fit everything in that they forgot to teach. So while my teachers are being careless and rushing through everything,I have failed two tests, and gotten bad grades on the rest...and along with that, there has been SO much drama between my friends like: "you stole my pudding"..."yeah I did, what are you going to do about it?" So that was the bad and here comes the good. I've been single forever...I never really even thought about being in that kind of relationship, I just don't even like to think about having a 'boyfriend' but when you are the only single person out of your entire kind of get singled out as the "forevermore single type" so people don't think of you in that way. But in my theatre group I have found a guy that I like a lot...and so now he is my boyfriend.'s going alright for now. But now I know why girls are so weird when they are in relationships. Even though it's stupid, there is always a line of questions running through your mind "why does he like me?"..."why would anyone like me?"..."does he like me for me physique or for my personality?". It's just so strange to not be single... I've always been the 'lone wolf', the 'single lady'. Anyways... I will update later...or not.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My top five artists:

-David Bowie
-Bob Dylan
-Patti Smith
-Jack White
-John Lennon
These artist have inspired me through their music, and I think they will be my top 5 for forevermore!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arcade Fire Concert.....

A million bodies all around you, music blasting, sweat dripping from your forehead, your hand stretched towards the sky, waving back and forth with the music. Your heart begins to copy the drum beat, and your feet thump at the concrete below you, your hips seem to have a mind of theIr own, swinging back and forth. You close your eyes, and feel everything changing, you don't want it to end... For once you are in perfect harmony with the world, for once you don't have to pretend... For once you can just live. Everyone pushing against you, the smell of alcohol and smoke fills the air, everyone dancing, everyone trying to get closer. Your legs ache with the effort of jumping up and down and bending and beating. The band begins to play your favorite song, and you begin to cry because it makes you so content, you are at peace with the world if only just for a second. You begin to see your life differently, and as you sing along with the song, everything changes, and suddenly you're different, and suddenly you know what you want most...everything changes....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sitting here, in my basement, typing away at my dad's crappy old computer from the nineties, a thought popped into my head.  What if I started my own band?  My life is music, but what am I going to do with that if I don't do music.  I can't play guitar, and I don't play piano very well, but I am a pretty fair drummer... a singer on the other hand is one of the many things that I am not.  So, I start to get up, suddenly all that seems to matter is my brother's drum set from seventh grade.  A sudden natural beam of light floats upon me along with the singing of angels, and smoke machines blow up everywhere...  Back to reality... I take the sticks into my hands, and I softly caress the the cold metal rim of the drum closest to me.  And then I begin, loud noises blasting all over. I hit the drums hard, really hard, getting out all of my aggression, and then the stick slips, and I hit my hand, scream out in pain, and then in my wild rampage up to the ice box, I hit my other hand on a nail sticking out from a coffee table, and I start to bleed wildly.  Screams and curse words can be heard all throughout the house.  ...Is it a sign?  Am I just not cut out for the hardships of being a musician... not only that, but I don't know any other musicians that aren't already in a band... So, my dream is for now, put to rest... along with my left hand and all the blood I lost in that one inch cut... :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Incredibe Still-life of Abigail Author awards:

Best author:
Charlotte Bronte
Runner up: J.D. Salinger

Best Poet:
Emily Dickinson
Runner up:Edgar Allen Poe

Best YA Author:
Stephanie Meyer
Runner up: Sarah Dessen

Emotionally Moving Author:
Harper Lee

Imaginative Author:
Pat Murphy (Wild Girls)
Runner up: Wendy Mass

Sunday, April 17, 2011

More bands to listen to

Band of horses
Bright eyes*****
the dead weather
The features
Iron & wine
Just surrender
The kinks
Passion pit
She & him
The runaways
The smiths
White rabbits
The white stripes
The who
Blue foundation
Manchester orchestra
Mumford and sons

...and singers:
Meaghan smith
Norah jones
Otis redding
Regina spektor
Janis Joplin
Patti smith
Ricky lee jones
Carly Simon
Carole king
Simon& garfunkel

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Awkward Conversation

Teacher: What are you going to do with your life?
Me: Music.
Teacher: Oh, so you are a musician?
Me: No
Teacher: So what are you going to do with your life?
Me: Something
Teacher: What kind of something?
Me: If I knew, then I'd be out there doing it.
Teacher: Don't be smart with me.
Me: You think I'm smart?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My new addiction

Has it really taken me this long of drinking coffee to know that I can't live without it? I'll admit to it now, I'm in love with coffee. What else can keep you awake and energized? So, yes, I'm really addicted to coffee...random, I know.

Featured artist:

Janis Joplin:

1. Price of my heart

2. Maybe**

3. Ball and chain**

4. Try (just a little bit harder)

5. Move over

6. Cry baby

7. Bye, bye baby

8. Get it while you can

9. Down on me

Monday, March 21, 2011

Challenge of the day:

The challenge of the day is to go up to someone you think you know. Ask them ten questions that you don't know the answer to, and really listen to their answers. You might be surprised at what they say.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My new music addictions

So, I've been listening to the same bands over and over, but i just can't help how much I love these singers/bands. I know that the more that I listen to them, the faster that I will get sick of them, but I just can't help listening to them over and over, so here they are, my music addictions of the week: Sea wolf, Simon & garfunkel, Ricky lee jones, Carole king, and Janis Joplin.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another friday Playlist....

1. You're a Wolf   -Sea Wolf*
2. Tapestry   -Carole King
3. Mamma Mia   -Abba
4. Bookends   -Simon and Garfunkel
5. Sunny Afternoon  -The Kinks
6. Flightless Bird, American Mouth   -Iron and Wine
7. Friday on my Mind   -The Easybeats
8. Here Comes Your Man  -Meaghan Smith
9. Black Sheep   -Metric
10. You've ruined Me   -Norah Jones

J'adore francais!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My life : Part 1.

Wake up... Eat breakfast... Shower... Put on Clothes... Brush teeth... Go to class... Be judged by classmates, and teachers... Drink from water fountain... Feel fat in gym class... Go home with a bookbag full of stress... Eat my feelings... Be lazy on couch... Three hour nap... Be judged by family... Watch glee... Wish my life wasn't so boring... Eat more feelings... Brush teeth... Sleep for six hours... Repeat.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bands/singers to look out for

*Rising stars-
       The Black Keys- (P.S.- Great on Saturday Night live last night:)
       Mumford and Sons:)
       My Chemical Romance
       Bad Weather
       Temper Trap
**20th Century-
       Patti Smith
       Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
       The Smiths
       Iggy and the Stouges
       Carole King
       Jimi Hendrix
Hardly known to people I know-
       Blue Foundation
       Augustana *
*Must Know-
       Arcade Fire
       Cage the Elephant
       The Airborne Toxic Event
**P.S.- Song of the day-       You're So Vain- Carly Simon