Sunday, May 15, 2011

My life part 2:

I know that I usually don't talk about myself...but sometimes you just have to. This month has been so weird...good and bad...mostly bad last week...mostly good this week. So by this time you are wondering why it was good and why it was bad, you are like "stop stalling and just say it already!" Well, I'm getting to it. So at the end of the semester all of my teachers are cracking down and trying to fit everything in that they forgot to teach. So while my teachers are being careless and rushing through everything,I have failed two tests, and gotten bad grades on the rest...and along with that, there has been SO much drama between my friends like: "you stole my pudding"..."yeah I did, what are you going to do about it?" So that was the bad and here comes the good. I've been single forever...I never really even thought about being in that kind of relationship, I just don't even like to think about having a 'boyfriend' but when you are the only single person out of your entire kind of get singled out as the "forevermore single type" so people don't think of you in that way. But in my theatre group I have found a guy that I like a lot...and so now he is my boyfriend.'s going alright for now. But now I know why girls are so weird when they are in relationships. Even though it's stupid, there is always a line of questions running through your mind "why does he like me?"..."why would anyone like me?"..."does he like me for me physique or for my personality?". It's just so strange to not be single... I've always been the 'lone wolf', the 'single lady'. Anyways... I will update later...or not.

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