Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hard Love

Hard Love
by: Ellen Wittinger
 Hard Love by Ellen Wittinger was one of the most heartbreaking, compelling books that I've read this year.  It touches on some interesting topics, such as - homosexuality, a challenging friendship, and extreme oddness of character.  When Gio ends up falling for his lesbian friend Marisol, things get a little tricky, and he is faced with the toughest thing of all-- hard love.  He loves her, but she could never love him back in the way that he wants.  It made it on my list of favorite books that I've read this year.  It’s a great read, and I would grade it........ A.  I highly recommend it to all interesting artsy people who are looking to read a book that is very compelling and shows a different point of view.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random thoughts.....

Life by itself is tricky, but then it gets trickier as you get older.... I am just learning this.  Things are complicated now.... as the almost official mascot of my schools Chess team, (suck at chess but good at cheering on... not good enough for cheerleading of course.... but anyways...back to the point) I have learned that being on chess team doesn't exactly get you a full ride to popularity, but honestly, I don't care.  Nursing me through all of this is the one band that is slightly.... well extremely different than most: MGMT
Their Music isn't the normal pop hit sensation, but a bit electric, and sometimes touching on techno and rock.  I consider it to be a genre of itself, but unfortunately Itunes disagrees.  If you are interested in listening to something new, try their song: Electric Feel   by: MGMT.  I consider that it is a classic, but what do you think...?

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I just saw Easy A with my dad.  It is about a young girl Olive who tries to help out a gay friend by pretending to have sex with him at a party.  This turns into a sort of business for her, she gets gift cards for helping out so called "losers" by letting them tell everyone that they've done 'something'. It was based off of The scarlet Letter, both of them outcasts for what they had done, so Olive sews an A onto all of her new slutty clothes because she really wants to play up her "Slut act".  In the end she ends up with a great guy who accepts her, and likes her as herself.  So check out Easy- A in theaters now:)     

Rating: -A

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Introducing me.....

Well since this is my first blog ever, I think that I should introduce myself......  I am Abigail.  An incredibly sarcastic (well a wanna-be), different, insane young woman who is interested in the arts.  I am an avd book reader, and I'm pretty artsy, and I am in love with music and movies, so that's what this blog will be about, just me, and my thoughts in this crazy, twisted world we live in.