Sunday, September 25, 2011


i was just kind of thinking...
that I'm thirsty
that i need to study for my biology unit test
that i need to do my laundry
that i need to walk my dogs
that i need to call my friend and tell her i found her cat
that i need to clean my bathroom
......but I can't.  because i can't do anything except listen to this song:
Too Young to Burn  By: Sonny and the Sunsets

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is what I listened to while I carved a mango into a tree.......

1. It's a Hit -Rilo Kiley
2. I Fought in a War -Belle & Sabastian
3. Debra -Beck
4. Too Young to Burn -Sonny & the Sunsets
5. Fool to Cry -The Rolling Stones
6. Break it Up -Patti Smith
7. He was My Brother -Simon & Garfunkel
8. Footloose -Kenny Loggins
9. Rebel Yell -Billy Idol
10. You Got It -Jacuzzi Boys
11. Automatic Love -Minipop
12. I Get Nervous -Lower Dens
13. Wide Eyes -Local Natives
14. Teenage Girls -Bad Sports
15. Tuff Bananas -Refrigerator Gator
16. When Emily Cries -Television Personalities