Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm on vacation from vacation....

Well, school is out for summer vacation, and I'm off on vacation from vacation, sitting on the beaches of wonderful Florida. Typically I'm not a Gulf of Mexico girl, usually I'm West Coast all the way, but hey, a beach is a beach. I'm staying with my Uncle Jeff (nickname Jeffey) for a week, and then with my Aunt Julie.

My iPod is dead, and I'm dying of music withdrawal. It's almost as bad as the time my brother and I drove 7 hours straight while my Dad was sleeping in the backseat, and my brother played continual country music, and I became pretty much physically ill from such bad music (or it was the McDonalds and Mountainous terrain). I probably deserved the endless country music because when I was eight, and we were driving to Georgia, I threw-up on his XBOX (maybe my aim was on purpose, maybe not).

What was I talking about? Well, anyways, now I'm relying on my Walkman from 2003. Luckily I brought some good CDs: The Cure, Bright Eyes, Be Your Own Pet, Giant Drag, and the Beastie Boys. Hopefully I will survive... Maybe I will have to make a stop to Target, or wherever they sell CDs down here. Usually I boycott big store chains (except you, Urban Outfitters) just because I like to support all the small stores, and I hate corporate America, but, seeing as they don't have many stores except giant chains where everything is made in China or Indonesia, I'll endure. :)

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  1. Isn't the Gulf Coast and the West Coast the same thing? JAX is the East Coast. Just not sure which one you love.
    Good blogging, though!

    Do you want to come see me in IN or MD again?
    When is good? Or we can go to Cincy/Libby. We can make our get-together vintage-themed, art-themed or Blythe-themed.