Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My complete fail......

I'm temping as a secretary for a fabric store,for just a couple hours, but still. So, here is one conversation on the phone gone completely bumpy:

Me: "________ upholstery, Abby speaking."
Them: "Can I speak to _______?"
me: "he isn't here right now, but can i take a message?"
Them: "yeah, can you tell him that _____ from _______ wants to talk to him."
Me: "sure." (awkward 10 seconds of silence).
Them: "don't you want my number....?"
Me: "yeah, that'd be good..."
Them: (mockingly muffled 'ugh') ____-______
me: "okay."
Them: "and what was your name?" (what's he going to do, have me fired from my volunteer job?)
Me: "Abby."
Them: "alright, just have ____ call me."
me: "alright, bye."
Them: "..." (hung up)
Alright, so not that bumpy, but still pretty much a fail. :)

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