Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back From New York!!!

New York is an amazing city full of so many different types of people, and cultures, that you see people dancing in the street,20081105_ftgreenparty_560x373.jpg
singing, shouting,
bargaining deals in Chinatown....imgres.jpg.
...meeting in time squareimgres.jpg
walking through central park... 
the options are endless!  With so many kinds of people, you almost feel like you could be anyone, and do anything you want.  I got to practice the very little french that I know with some other tourists which was fun.  My favorite part of New York was Broadway, we saw West Side Story, and The Phantom of the Opera.  Both were fantastic!  Though, I really liked (LOVED!!!!!!) The Phantom of the opera.
My journey brought me two pairs of black pants, a shirt, and a Sharks t-shirt (West side story), and a scarf (from Chinatown) which were all great deals.  I have seriously considered living in this wonderful city, and now I'm quite sure that I want to, and hopefully will... eventually:)
If you are planning to visit New York I advise to go to Manhattan, walk through central park, go to time square (the forever21!), Chinatown,  a broadway show, Take a double-decker bus tour, and Visit the Empire State building, and the Statue of liberty!  All of these I enjoyed doing.  But it is also cool to walk around without a map or a destination, and just see where you end up!

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