Thursday, November 4, 2010


So, maybe I am a little irrational.... but whatever:)  I am human, so my instincts are to get mad when someone offends me, and my instincts are also to rip their heads off, but hey, I can't help it (there was no ripping off of any heads).  We had homework today about John Steinbeck.  We had to make a diploma of his accomplishments, and here's the best part.... we had to write an essay comparing John Steinbeck's life and style of writing to Edgar Allen Poe (so I think... what's the point of this?)!  Personally I like Steinbeck better because Poe can be a little creepy, considering most of his stories are murder stories.... But anyhoo... I am finished with that, now all I need is a back brace, a mountain dew, and to veg out over blades of glory.  Fun!  So here is a random picture of Will Ferrell to wrap that up...(?)

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