Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spending Quiet days....

Today is a quiet, dreary day of fog , and what looks like rain.  I'd like to spend it sitting outsde reading or writing, but it's too cold for that.  At least its not too hot outside, that's always a positive.  It makes me sad, I had to get my comforter out last night, it was that cold.  It's not summer anymore, and I  know that I should be glad, but summer seemed never ending, like maybe it would last forever.  It would be nice to have not gone back to school, and spend my summer days the way that I like.  But I am forgetting the plus to fall, the leaves changing color, the fall fashion, the attmosphere.  Don't get me wrong, fall is my favorite time of year, but sometimes I wish I could just stop in one moment and stay there just a little longer.

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