Sunday, October 3, 2010

The world of Zine.....

After reading the book: Hard Love  by: Ellen Wittinger I have learned about the world of Zine.  What is a Zine you may ask?  Well a zine is a self published magazine that is about whatever you want it to be, it can showcase your writing, be an art zine, anything you want.  I have started to write a zine myself, oddly enough it's named.... The unincredibly fast life of abigail....:)  In these Zines, I have read different poems, short stories, and play scripts.  Oddly enough my local library had a short stack of free Zines in the corner, which I never knew about.  Check out your local library, bookseller, or online to enter the world of zine.  Or you could even start one yourself.  I have taken this challange, and will soon be showcasing my first zine right here on The Incredible Still Life of Abigail.

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